and so it begins

Hi!. I never was good in writing first posts so I just wanna say "Welcome" and "I'm happy you came here" even if by accident. 
In this new, fresh and still innocent blog, I'm gonna post my templates, banners, my YT vids, tutorials, icons and so much more. I hope You gonna like it and I hope that you will give me advises about my work and with whom you wanna see next things. 
Something about me? I'm Lean - Yes, this is not my real name, but sometimes I feel more realistic as a Lean than real me. Maybe someone of You saw me on Youtube or on Tumblr or any other site. I'm from Poland and I'm 25 (in few days). 
This blog is something like little birthday present for myself. I was doing once before templates but because of studies I needed to quick this hobby. Now, when I graduated, I can return to this. 
I will start with something simple. This is my first layout in a long time.

Write me down below what You think, and what you wanna see next.